Efficiency and saving with modern technology

In addition to traditional car rental, our technology enables remote rental. Remote rental can mean normal car rental without contact or shared driving. In shared cars, the rental company does not inspect the car between each rental. All necessary information is available to the rental company using Tujaus cloud services.

Keyless access with the app

The app makes car rental and car sharing smooth. By logging into the app, users can quickly and easily book, drive and return the car without a physical key or contact with the rental company staff.

The application is always made in the rental company's own colours, in accordance with the company's look.

The remote control device developed and manufactured by Tujaus itself

The device we have developed ourselves enables complete remote control. The car's mileage and fuel reading can be obtained in real time in the application and background software. All information entered by the end user enters the rental company's management system in real time. The logbook is automatically generated, in this respect remote control devices are also suitable for the company's shared cars. In this case, for example, leasing cars used by the company can also be earned during times when they are not used by the staff.

Full rental path by using the application; The customer reserves, pays, drives and returns.

When registering, customers are strongly identified using Visma Sign, or manually accepted from the backend system. Reservations are paid before departure and the app acts as a key throughout the rental. At the end of the rental, the customer gives feedback on their experience using the app.

Unlock and lock


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